A few of my favorite artists

Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry - he is known for being really lyrical and having a really unique style in both his music and his music videos. He essentially paved the way for the modern South Florida rap scene as it is today.

Key Glock

Key Glock - he is Young Dolph's little cousin and one of the latest artists on Dolph's label, Paper Route Empire. Young Dolph is probably the biggest rapper out of Memphis since Project Pat or Juicy J, so Key is definitely one of the hottest rappers out of Tenesse right now.

Zombie Juice

And Zombie Juice - he's one of the three members of Flatbush Zombies, which is probably my all-time favorite hip-hop collective. He and his two counterparts started the Beast Coast music scene in Flatbush, New York back in 2010, and have hugely impacted the rap music scene as a whole. I specifically like Jewice the most out of the group because he has a really unique style and you can tell he's just always being himself.

My roommate and I also make rap beats. Here is a picture of our home-studio:


We have twin 8" speaker towers, a MIDI keyboard, a condenser mic, and tons of other stuff we use to make beats and record different artists to help them create their vision. Just about all we do when we aren't working or going to school is making beats or working on music somehow.

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